Ammanah IFS was setup with a simple mandate: provide Shariah compliant, ethical products that would enable the local Ummah to be free of riba while meeting or exceeding similar products and services in the industry.

From Surah Bakarah and Hadeeth of the Prophet SAW we know that riba is a major sin for us, and one we must totally abstain from in order to avoid the wrath of our Creator. We have thus ensured that whatever products are provided by Ammanah IFS are free of Riba and are Shariah approved.

Having developed a relationship with Takafol SA, Ammanah IFS is able to provide their clients with a wide range of short term insurance covers such as:

Personal Takaful

for your personal and needs (please note Motor cover must be linked to a personal or commercial policy)

Property Takaful

– for your home, office or commercial property, including flats and industrial warehouses.

All Risk Cover

– for the things you tend to move with, such as cellphones, laptops, sports equipment, jewellery, watches…

Liability Cover

Commercial Cover

 for retail, professionals, manufacturing and various other types of businesses

Speciallised Solutions

– for larger companies and corporates

Our professional approach and care for our clients means we are able to advise clients on the risks and covers that are required. We also ensure clients are aware of the security requirements and request all other relevant information first, which helps ensure a smooth and easy claims process.

The products are underwritten by Zurich insurance, a company with a high rating. This provides added peace of mind to our clients in terms of the financial strength behind Takaful. Furthermore the products are in line with South African FSB regulations. Ammanah IFS is also a BEE company.

Ammanah IFS will continue to look at other Islamic financial products and inshALLAH will offer more products to enable the Muslim community to be free of riba in all their financial dealings. This is our ultimate aim.

We have a dedicated team with years of experience which ensures that we are client focused and provide excellent service at all times.

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