The cover provided by Ammanah IFS is similar to conventional insurance, so for example, if you had comprehensive cover on your vehicle and then suffered an accident or loss, the claim process and cover would be almost identical to that of any other insurer. If you have finance on your vehicle or assets, remember that our policies of cover are also accepted by all banks in South Africa.

We have assets, such as homes, vehicles and contents which requires investing our wealth and time in order to make our lives a little more comfortable and easier.

For many, their homes are their places of safety and comfort from the harsh and hectic lives we lead.

For these reasons and more, it is vital to have some cover on our personal assets.  A major peril, such as a fire can quickly destroy assets which were earned over many years, or even over generations. We should take some precautions, including Takafol cover on our personal assets in order to ensure they have some financial security in the event of any major perils or theft.

More importantly, especially for an expensive asset such as a home or motor vehicle, we must take cover in order to avoid falling into debt should any of these be damaged or destroyed. Takafol cover can assist in avoiding unnecessary debt caused by  a major peril such as floods or fire.

Available covers include:

  • Property Takafol, inclduing cover for your geyser
  • Contents cover for things such as your furniture, appliances, linen and clothing while in your home.
  • All risks cover, which includes laptops, cell phones, jewellery, and other items which tend to leave your home.
  • Motor vehicle cover, for accidents and theft.

The product can also be tailor made to fit in with your lifestyle, and can cover things such as sports equipment, laptops, jewellery, etc. We even provide cover of up to R350 in the event of your shoes being stolen from a Masjid!

We also have free roadside assistance with the AA, for basic assistance, just in case you get a flat tyre or lock your keys in the car

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