Ammanah IFS is an independant company and not tied to any one investment company, thus providing  you with fair and open advice. We have a wide range of investent solutions depending on your needs and goals.  Our first objective is to ensure wealth preservation. This is achieved by using only established companies with proven track records offering Shariah funds such as Kagiso and Liberty.

Then we look at the individual or business needs and advise you accordingly. Some investors have a specific goal while others want a general savings plan or a safe way to preserve and grow their hard earned wealth. We will listen to your needs, understand them and then provide solutions where possible or advice that will help you make a better, more informed decision of where to put your money.


We have simple, proven saving solutions such as Provident funds and Gold Bullion  that provide a  fairly safe yet growing savings vehicle for you.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement quality is dependent on how you plan and structure your retirement funds before hand. So the planning and understanding of your needs, affordability and type of lifestyle you hope to have are very important in order to formulate a good retirement fund policy for you and your spouse. Contact us to discuss further.

We provide various investment & saving solutions such as, but not limited to:

Retirement Annuities

Provident Funds

Company pension schemes

Education plans

Unit trusts

Company investments

Offshore investments

Hajj & Umrah savings

Bullion savings plan

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