The Takaful covers provided by Ammanah IFS are similar to your normal insurance, obviously without any riba involved. So fire cover with us would be almost identical to the fire cover of any other insurer. We also provide a wide range of covers depending on your particular type of business, from all risks cover and business interruption through to property and theft covers. Furthermore, should you finance your property or assets, our policies of cover will be accepted by all banks in South Africa.

Commercial Takafol can be instrumental in protecting a business from potential loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

A business owner will know that his business is a means of earning for him, his family and his staff.

Furthermore it is a means of generating wealth which is used to pay Zakaat and provides charity and assistance to Islamic organizations and needy persons. Thus it is very important to secure this amanat to the best of your ability. Protecting and securing your business should be an important part of your business plan.

Besides the peace of mind from having cover for your business, the greater peace of mind comes from knowing you have cover which is free of riba and has ethical, Shariah compliant investments as well. So when you do have a claim, the money being paid to you is not tainted in any way.

Commercial insurance with a Takaful product will provide valuable protection against such things as theft, damage to property, and liability. It can also provide coverage for business interruption and employee injuries. A business which chooses to operate without Takaful puts their enterprise at risk of losing money and property if an unfortunate event occurs. This may even lead to one then becoming involved in major debt, or worse getting involved with riba in order to sustain or recover from a major event such as a fire or flooding event. There are numerous covers for a business, such as:

Fire cover, including flooding, storm and other damage.

Theft cover, Electronic Equipment, Money cover, All risks Cover

Building cover- from a small office to a large Islamic school or corporate HQ and warehouses.

Public Liability covers, etc, etc

We can provide valuable assistance by helping you to identify the risks you face and then provide specific covers to ensure you have cover against those events. It must be born in mind that a proper and qualified assessment of your risks is vital in order to ensure you have adequate cover for your business.

We at Ammanah will provide you with solutions for your business takafol needs. Simply contact us in order to provide cover for your business or to find out more about our various solutions for your business.

For larger enterprises we have solutions to help setup and manage certain areas for self insurance as well.

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