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  1. Regular driverplease ensure that you stipulate the correct driver for your vehicle. This applies specifically to drivers under 30 years of age who are using your vehicle and who are causing the claims, but are not specified as the regular driver. It’s worth noting that with new technology and an increase in data access, companies can now investigate deeper then ever before. We advise you to rather pay the extra amount and have a pain free claims process, than having your claim rejected due to the incorrect driver being stipulated.
  2. Property Maintenance– We are having a number ofclaims repudiated due to lack of proper maintenance. Remember your assets are an Ammanat, and you need to take good care of them, so if anything happens related to your cover, Insha ALLAH we will be able to easily assist you. Common problems, especially on property are lack of water proofing of roofs in particular, rusted nails and gutters being blocked. On the electrical and plumbing side, older metal pipes being corroded and using unqualified tradesman for your electrical or plumbing needs who may flout the relevant regulations or municipal laws.
  3. Security – Most of us are fairly conscious and ensure that our families are kept secure. But there are small lapses of times that we don’t really feel we need security. If you leave your home, even for a minute please switch on your alarm system. Insurer’s require this to minimize the amount of time for theft, and by not doing so can cause a larger loss then would have otherwise occurred. If your vehicle is required to have a tracking device, please test your tracking device at least twice a year to make sure it is working and active.

Important tips:

Recovering your excess and ensuring a smooth claim process requires us having all the relevant information. You may not remember to get most details at the time of an accident, if you can remember to take photos, this assists with obtaining relevant info for the Third party such as – make , model, etc and helps your case for who is at fault……

This is the best time to take stock of your assets and how they are being used. Please review which assets you acquired and those you no longer have and note it down.Then look at the security and if it is secured as required, check your alarm system and tracking devices in particular and ensure they are working perfectly.

Now look at how it is being used and by whom? So any changes to the use of your assets or their location or who is using it needs to be sent to us immediately. For example, if you have a vehicle that was used at home but maybe now you using it at the business? Or you are storing some goods at home? Or perhaps your kids are now driving your car, etc….So after taking note of the above please inform us immediately so we can then advise you and cover you correctly.

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